Stacked Falcon enamelware loaf pans in white and blue. Displayed in a modern farmhouse kitchen. Sold by Salt Creek Mercantile

Bake up your best bread recipe or loaf cake in this enamelware loaf tin. The classic and timeless look of Falcon enamelware will make them your favorites to use, and you’ll love their durability and versatility. We sure do!


3 ¼” H x 12” L x 5” W


Dishwasher safe.

Freezer safe. 

Oven safe up to 530 deg. F.

NOT microwave safe. 

Do not use abrasive cleaning pads or gritty soap powders. 

Do not place empty enamelware on a hot plate or gas hob, or allow to boil dry.

Falcon Loaf Tin